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About Reuter Music & Photgraphy

Started back in 2008 as a record label, but quickly changed focus to mastering. Osukaru was the first customer and still is to date when it comes to mastering and putting the final touches on their albums.

In 2010 more or less all work was focused on live music photography mostly in Sweden. Which led to being the official photographer for Skogsröjet in 2013, and doing a lot of work for Tyranex.


In 2014 things finally started to take off.

  • Started to take photos more regularly for Sonata Arctica mostly in Europe but also in North America. 

  • A collaboration with during Firefest: The Final Fling was started and is active still.

  • A tour with H.E.A.T across Europe as Photographer and technician and also being the sound engineer for the support act Sherlock Brothers

In 2015 collaborations with Michael Asplund ( started and we started producing video and audio from Sabaton Open Air. And to date a few music videos as well as other live shows.

2016 was the start for Gefle Metal Festival and also for me becoming the official photographer there, I continued with the collaboration for 2017 as well.


Since January 2018 I do live photography, promo's, as well as social media for Sonata Arctica

Profileimage © Jaakko Manninen 2019